Luis Received His First Eye Exam

Sixty percent of people in El Salvador’s rural areas live below the poverty line and eight-five percent of the population have no access to visual health services.

For the children who suffer from untreated poor vision, the effects can be devastating. Without vision services these children will forever be at a disadvantage.

12-year-old Luis (pictured) from a village in El Salvador was struggling to see the chalkboard at school. “I could not see very well,” he relates. “It was hard for me to see the small letters on the chalkboard.”

FUDEM’s “Windows of Light” mobile eye screening program in El Salvador, which is funded with support from Optometry Giving Sight, visited Luis’ school.

His life was transformed when he received an eye exam and glasses.

“Now that I have glasses I am doing really well in school.”

FUDEM believes with timely intervention, the future for many more children of El Salvador will be filled with hope.

This is one of the projects that benefits directly from funds raised by CooperVision staff and through the company’s sponsorship of Optometry Giving Sight.

CooperVisoin’s employees, Mark Lindsey and Donna Conticelli, were privileged to visit El Salvador in May 2014 to see first hand the impact that your donations have on kids like Luis.