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Around the globe—and close to home

CooperVision is passionate about its role as a global citizen. While selling product in more than 130 countries*1 around the world, we pursue our mission to help improve vision everywhere and to strengthen the communities we work in through philanthropy and public service as well as our commercial activities. We are also deeply committed to the wellbeing of our planet and implement a wide range of sustainability and resource conservation programmes at our facilities worldwide.

Global sponsorship of Optometry Giving Sight

CooperVision is a lead sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight (OGS), a global initiative founded in 2003 to help the 1.22 billion people worldwide-including tens of millions of children-who are blind or vision impaired due to lack of access to eye examinations and appropriate refractive error correction.

young boy getting eye exam for optometry giving sight

Fundraising events at CooperVision sites around the world, a patient rebate programme, cause-related marketing campaigns and an annual company match of employee donations have generated over $3 million in contributions for OGS.

Programmes supported by OGS on six continents have:

  • Provided basic eye care services to over 7.6 million people
  • Trained more than 14,000 eye care personnel
  • Supported the establishment of over 130 vision centres

Each year, an employee serves as our CooperVision ambassador, joining OGS to participate in an outreach programme to see how our support and contributions are making an impact for those in need around the world.

Lisa Jenkins, a Manufacturing Coordinator from CooperVision UK manufacturing facility, in Uganda as the Optometry Giving Sight ambassador

Lisa Jenkins, a Manufacturing Coordinator from our UK manufacturing facility, travelled to Uganda as the CooperVision OGS ambassador in 2019. 

Commitment to our communities

Thousands of CooperVision employees live and work in hundreds of communities around the world. We partner with community organisations and empower our employees to participate in local cultural, environmental and charitable projects that are especially meaningful to our employees and their families.

CooperVision employees tree planting
CooperVision research and development employees at kids against hunger

People + Planet

Here at CooperVision, we’re taking steps in our manufacturing and distribution to operate more sustainably where possible. We are striving to eliminate waste and unnecessary packaging to reduce our environmental impact.2 By facilitating the responsible sourcing of materials,3 reusing waste where we can§4 and starting to offset waste from our products and packaging that cannot yet be reclaimed, we’re taking strides to improve the well-being of our planet.ǀ4

Together with our customers, our partners and beyond, many small acts today count toward a brighter tomorrow for People + Planet.


* CooperVision lens care products, soft and specialty contact lenses.
† 2019 data.
‡ As of Q1 FY 2018. Data subject to change.
§ CooperVision's 2020 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report.
ǀ  Refers to CooperVision's plastic neutrality initiative with Plastic Bank.


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