Biofinity Energys® contact lenses

Biofinity Energys®

For wearers who put a premium on comfort, health and vision1, these high-performance one-month lenses are available in a wide prescription range.2

  • Helps ease accommodative burden as you move your gaze from on-screen to off-screen and back‡3
  • Helps with eye tiredness and dryness associated with digital eye fatigue
  • Offers incredible comfort all day long
  • Highly breathable for clear, white,* healthy eyes
  • Offers the excellent vision that you expect and deserve.4

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‡ Based on a statistically significant difference of the mean change in Accommodative Microfluctuations and when compared to Biofinity sphere after reading on an iPhone 5 for 20 minutes held at a distance of 25 cm. * High oxygen transmissibility promotes clear, white eyes during daily wear. 

1. CVI Data on file 2022. Based on global product sales and internal estimates of products using Aquaform® Technology over 12 months in 2022. 2. CVI data on file. Based on stocked and MTO product range available in the US and Europe as of June, 2021. 3. Kajita M et al. Changes in accommodative micro-fluctuations after wearing contact lenses of different optical designs. Cont Lens Ant Eye (2020) In Press 4. CVI Data on file, 2016. Prospective, multi-center, subject-masked, bilateral, one month dispensing study in USA with Biofinity Energys in existing Biofinity sphere wearers. N=52. At 2-weeks and after one month of wear.