Welcome to the first edition of B.E. Informed, a brand new eNewsletter from European Marketing, specifically focused on helping you take full advantage of the opportunity Biofinity Energys™ presents.

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In this issue we want to highlight The Vision Council’s recently released 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report Eyes Overexposed: The Digital Device Dilemma which features a wealth of useful statistics and insights you can draw on when talking to ECPs.

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Biofinity Energys™ makes its Spanish TV debut

CooperVision Iberia harnesses the power of broadcast media to convey the benefits of Biofinity Energys™ to a wider audience.

Italian team rocket launches Biofinity Energys™ through customer partnership

CVI Italy walk the talk of ‘Let’s grow together’ through an exclusive preview of Biofinity Energys™ with its key customer, GreenVision.

Swiss-based optometrist, Roger Anhalm, shares his view on Biofinity Energys™

Each issue we’ll hear from key opinion leaders across Europe on their thoughts on the lens.