February 28, 2017

Innovative silicone hydrogel lens, featuring breakthrough optic technology, creates a buzz amongst global tech media. 

Southampton, United Kingdom, 28th February 2017 — With the Mobile World Congress, MWC 2017, taking place in Barcelona this week, the world’s tech media gathered to find out more about CooperVision’s breakthrough Biofinity Energys™ contact lens at an exclusive pre-show event.

The Mobile World Congress event attracts over 100,000 mobile technology industry leaders and is a magnet for tech media to discover the latest innovations that will change our lives in the near future. CooperVision demonstrated to leading technology journalists how their Biofinity Energys contact lens, designed specifically for digital lifestyles, may make the eye tiredness and dryness associated with excessive digital device usage a thing of the past.

Seven in ten adults experience discomfort that comes with long hours of digital device use[1], and it is most commonly felt after two or more hours in front of a digital screen, characterised by tiredness, dryness, and redness. More than a third of Millennials spend nine or more hours each day on digital devices2. Not surprisingly, up to 88 percent2 of Millennials report eye tiredness and dryness symptoms. Extended exposure to bright light, screen glare and longer periods of device use can contribute to the issue, which is becoming known as digital eye fatigue.

Biofinity Energys contact lenses are designed for all-day wear, helping people’s eyes better adapt so they can seamlessly and continuously shift focus between digital devices and offline activities. After one week of wear, eight out of ten digital device users agreed that Biofinity Energys lenses made their eyes feel less tired.[2]

Two novel elements are at the heart of the lens’ performance and optimisation for digital device users:

  • Digital Zone Optics lens design, a breakthrough that integrates multiple front-surface aspheric curves across the entire optical zone. This simulates positive power in the centre of the lens, helping reduce strain on the eyes’ ciliary muscle as a person moves their gaze from on-screen to off-screen and back with less effort.
  • Aquaform® Technology, which attracts and binds water throughout the lens material to retain moisture, even during times of reduced blinking, which is common with device use. This helps with eye dryness and provides the hydration, breathability, and softness that healthy eyes deserve.

The lenses also incorporate a smooth, naturally wettable surface design with a special rounded edge. This reduces interaction between the lens and the inside of the eyelids, improving long-lasting wearing comfort.

Dr. Bruce Lucas, a fourth-generation optometrist who practices in California, was among the first to begin fitting the lens.

“Nearly everyone who comes into my office is using digital devices throughout the day, and I’ve been seeing more tiredness and dryness as device use skyrockets. In my opinion, the Biofinity Energys lens is the most advanced on the market, thanks to CooperVision having the foresight and R&D muscle to take on this challenge. I’ve been prescribing Biofinity Energys to all of my eligible contact wearers – its performance is nothing short of remarkable, and is definitely a game changer.”

Commenting on the positive reaction at the Barcelona event, Oxana Pastushenko, VP Marketing, at CooperVision said: “The interest shown by the technology media in Biofinity Energys has been amazing. This follows on from the outstanding feedback we received at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month. Support from the digital and technology media is extremely important to help us communicate to the millions of digital device users worldwide that eye tiredness and dryness no longer need to be accepted as ‘normal’ for contact lens wearers.”

Biofinity Energys lenses are designed to be replaced monthly, and require similar care and handling as other soft contact lenses to ensure a healthier wearing experience. Consumers should consult with their eye care professional before wearing this or any other lens.

For more information, practitioners should speak to their CooperVision sales representative or visit www.coopervision.co.uk. 


[1] The Vision Council. Hindsight is 20/20: Protecting Your Eyes from Digital Devices - 2015 Digital Eye Strain Report.

[2]Data on file.