November 03, 2016

New research looks at why people drop out of contact lenses and how this can be reduced through improvements to the customer journey. 

Southampton, United Kingdom, 3rd November 2016 — Global contact lens manufacturer, CooperVision, has released the findings from its recent GfK-commissioned survey of 1,000 people, looking at the key factors that influence the contact lens-wearing experience. Available now online or in print, the white paper offers an in-depth understanding of the types of people that wear lenses and their motivations to remain in or drop out of wear.  

Entitled ‘Contact lens category retention whitepaper - Understanding current contact lens wearers and patients who dropped out’, the paper covers general sentiment towards contact lenses; demographics; reasons for leaving; how patients could be tempted back; service; trials and payment options. Additional pages focus on business development, including ways in which ECPs can look to win new contact lens users and prevent existing patients from dropping out.

The paper features commentary from two key industry opinion leaders; Lynne Fernandes of Lynne Fernandes Optometrists, Bristol and Neil Retallic of Vision Express who both share their thoughts on the survey’s findings in relation to their own experiences of prescribing contact lenses.

Commenting on the research, Fiona Phelan, Customer Marketing Manager at CooperVision said: “Retention continues to be a big issue within the contact lens category and we felt that it was important, both for us and for our customers, to gain further insight into what causes patients to drop out.

“We are committed to helping ECPs address the issue of drop-out and, in response to these findings, we hope that they will take advantage of our additional services such as our Contact Lens Coach to really support their contact lens patients’ wearing experience.”

The white paper can be viewed or downloaded as a pdf here:

A printed copy can be obtained on request from your CooperVision Business Development Manager.