January 31, 2014

CooperVision Launches Biofinity XR Contact Lenses; Extends Sphere Range from +15.00 to -20.00

Provides Practitioners with the Most Extensive Silicone Hydrogel Sphere Range among Major Manufacturers

Southampton, United Kingdom, January 31 2014 — CooperVision, one of the world’s most innovative soft contact lens manufacturers, has announced the launch of its Biofinity® XR lens brand. The extension to its popular silicone hydrogel (comfilcon A) lens significantly expands Biofinity’s range of sphere powers, allowing practitioners to confidently fit a greater number of monthly replacement lens patients. This includes wearers with significant hyperopia or myopia (long- and short-sightedness) currently using other lens brands or spectacles.

Biofinity XR lenses will be available in powers from +8.50 to +15.00 (0.50 steps) and -12.50 to -20.00 (0.50 steps). The existing Biofinity line will continue to be available in +8.00 to -12.00 powers.

“The availability of Biofinity XR gives eye care practitioners another reason to make it a monthly lens of choice, whether transitioning Proclear® wearers, upgrading from a competitive lens, or introducing a broader span of spectacle wearers to soft lenses,” said Dr. Juan Carlos Aragon, senior vice president, Global Professional & Clinical Affairs, CooperVision. “The same outstanding vision, fit and comfort properties that the eye care community has come to expect from Biofinity is now available with Biofinity XR lenses.”

With this launch, the Biofinity and Biofinity XR sphere lines now represent the widest available range of silicone hydrogel contact lenses from any major manufacturer.

“We frequently have extended-range patients asking about more breathable and wettable lens options. With the launch of CooperVision’s Biofinity XR, we can finally offer them a new product with a better wearing experience,” said Joseph Atkins, O.D., of Today’s Eyecare in Lafayette, La. “Our practice is known for advancing new technologies and we’ve been extremely pleased with Biofinity silicone hydrogel material for a long time. The range expansion should make for very happy wearers.”

“The advanced design incorporated into both Biofinity XR and Biofinity lenses makes it easy for practitioners to have a high degree of fitting success, even for patients with more extreme needs,” continued Dr. Aragon. “The expected result is reduced chair time, better overall patient satisfaction and even deeper confidence in prescribing Biofinity.”

Biofinity and Biofinity XR utilise Aquaform® Comfort Science™ - combining a unique balance of high oxygen permeability, high water content, a naturally wettable material that resists deposits for all day comfort and an optimum modulus for a softer, more flexible lens. High levels of oxygen flowing through the lenses increase breathability and promote a healthier lens-wearing experience. Unlike many silicone hydrogel offerings, Biofinity lenses stay moist throughout the lens-wearing cycle without the need for surface treatments or wetting agents.

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About CooperVision

CooperVision, a unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc. [NYSE: COO], is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses. Dedicated to continually bringing a fresh perspective to the contact lens experience for practitioners and patients, CooperVision specialises in lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia, and ocular dryness. The company routinely collaborates with eye care professionals in the research and development of relevant products. CooperVision manufactures a full array of monthly and daily disposable contact lenses featuring advanced materials and optics.

For more information, visit www.coopervision.co.uk.


Contact lenses are medical devices and can only be prescribed and dispensed by a licensed eye care professional.

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