Vision Xtra is the patient registration scheme from CooperVision that is designed to make your life easier. It’s simple and free to register patients, can work alongside your own monthly payment plan service and offers benefits such as direct to patient delivery and free freight when you order five units or more to be dispatched on the same date. Discover the difference Vision Xtra can make to your practice.

For more information about Vision Xtra explore the benefits below.

100% credit on product returns

Simply fill out our credit request form and we will give you 100% credit – no questions asked, no quibbles and no strings attached.*

*To claim a credit you will need to do so within 90 days of the invoice date.

Hassle-free returns process

You don’t even have to send back any lenses. Just keep them in practice for touch and feel bowls, product demonstrations or diagnostics.*

*To claim a credit you will need to do so within 90 days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to request for product to be sent back to us. If we do decide to ask for product back we will do so within 10 working days of receiving a credit request form.

Simple, FREE registration

Registration can be done online or over the phone, making it more convenient for you and your practice.

No admin charges

No matter how many changes or updates you make, you will not be charged an admin fee.

FREE staff training

We will provide FREE training for your front-of-house team, either face-to-face or over the phone at a time to suit you, so your practice can feel confident in getting the most out of Vision Xtra.

Always in the loop

We will keep in touch via email and provide you with an overview of patients requiring validation in the next three months, a monthly summary of your future patient orders, and keep you up-to-date if there is a back order issue so you always know what is happening.

FREE delivery for five units or more

If you arrange for five or more Vision Xtra units to be delivered on the same day you will benefit from free freight. Plus picking the date you would like your orders to arrive can help you to plan your admin workload.*

*Applies to revenue orders only. Direct to patient orders are not eligible and will be subject to a standard freight charge.

A FREE, simple way to manage your patients

It has never been quicker or easier to look after your patients. You can add, amend, renew or delete patients just by going online, making things simple and efficient for you and your practice.

Direct to patient delivery

You can be assured that we will never use your patients’ addresses for marketing purposes, we only send lenses – saving you time sorting post and contacting patients, and enabling you to offer a competitive service to your patients.*

*Direct to patient orders will be subject to a standard freight charge.

Automatic, hassle-free transfer to Vision Xtra

You don’t have to do a thing – all patients registered with us, will instantly and automatically switch to Vision Xtra.

You can access the Vision Xtra registration system via this website. Please click on the either the 'Order status' or 'Place order' buttons to the right, then select 'Vision Xtra' on the left hand menu. If you would like guidance on how to use the system then download our user guide here.

For more information, please call 0870 9000 055 or speak to your CooperVision Business Development Manager.