Did you know myopia (short-sightedness) in children is on the rise?

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Short-sightedness, also known as myopia, affects one in six children in the UK by the age of 151 and can affect kids as young as five years old2.

Lockdown restrictions during the pandemic meant that many of us spent more time indoors as a family. With more time at home, children’s screen-time increased3 and so did the rise in myopia4 – putting our children’s eye health at risk.

That’s why CooperVision has teamed up with GP and TV doctor Sara Kayat and optometrist Dr Keyur Patel to provide top eye health tips and guidance to support your child’s eye health.

Find out more about how to look after your child’s eyes health, advice from Dr Sara, top tips from Dr Keyur, celebrity mum Myleene Klass’s story and the latest research on children’s eye health.



‡ Using measured and modelled data, pooled across ages (8-17), MiSight® 1 day slowed myopia progression by an average of approximately 50%.
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