How to Order Trial Lenses

You can order trial contact lenses the same way you order lenses for a patient or to have a supply available in your office.


Order Online

Sign in to our ecommerce website. From the Place an Order menu, select Trial Stock Order and complete your order details.

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Order by Phone

Call customer service and we’ll be happy to assist you. Learn how to contact us.



Frequently asked questions about ordering trial contact lenses


Fit sets are available. For questions about fit sets, please contact customer service or your sales rep.

How many trial lenses can I order?

It varies by practice, based on the number of CooperVision products purchased per year. Please contact customer service for information specific to your practice.

Will my practice be charged for trial lenses?

Some trial lenses do incur a charge—for example, made-to-order lenses and lenses in certain powers. Customer service can advise you whether the specific lenses you’re looking to order incur a charge.

How will I receive trial lenses?

Trial lenses will arrive as individual blisters, not in full packaging.