Aquaform® Technology

Our exclusive Aquaform® Technology attracts and binds water throughout the lens material to retain moisture, even during times of reduced blinking. 

How it works

  • In a matrix of long silicone chains, hydrogen bonds form to lock water molecules within the lens, for a smooth, naturally wettable surface and a comfortable wearing experience
  • The long chains mean that less raw silicon needs to be used to optimise oxygen transmissibility, and increased oxygen levels help keep eyes clear, white and  healthy
  • Reduced silicon content also results in an optimum  modulus, which makes the lenses soft and flexible to enhance comfort and fitting versatility

Thanks to Aquaform® Technology, our lenses provide the hydration, breathability and softness that your eyes deserve. 


Unique characteristics of Aquaform Technology

Lens property

The Aquaform Technology patient benefit

Forms hydrogen bonds with water molecules to lock water into the lens

A naturally hydrophilic silicone hydrogel lens

A highly wettable surface for a comfortable wearing experience

Utilises a unique silicone macromer that provides long chanins of silicone

High oxygen permeability (DK)

Helps keep eyes clear, white and healthy

Low amount of molecular bridges connecting the macromers together

Optimum modulus

A softer, more flexible lens