NEW OptiExpert™ v2.0 app.


NEW OptiExpert™ v2.0 helps make contact lens selection even easier.* Featuring a new smart prescription calculator which converts virtually any sphere, toric, multifocal or toric multifocal spectacle prescription into a contact lens prescription. Now that’s smart.
NEW Smart Prescription Calculator.
Four calculators in one.
  • Instantly turns virtually any spectacle prescription into a contact lens prescription.
  • Searches more options to give you even more product recommendations.
  • Save valuable chair time with accurate toric1 and multifocal calculations.2
  • Making it easier for optical colleagues to preselect diagnostic contact lenses ahead of lens fitting.*


Efron Grading Scales.
Readily accessible clinical reference.*

Enables quick and easy consultation of the well-known Nathan Efron grading scales to support contact lens patient management, complete with accompanying texts.

Oxygen Profiles.
Effective clinical tool to simplify patient communications.*

Oxygen profile maps that show oxygen transmissibility over the whole lens which can demonstrate how different prescriptions, lens designs and materials influence this.
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* OptiExpert™ is an educational, reference and information tool for eye care professionals. Eye care professionals may choose to use the app in connection with their own patient evaluation but it is not intended to be relied upon for clinical decision-making. OptiExpert™ is not intended as and does not constitute medical or optometric advice nor is it intended to replace the patient evaluation performed by an eye care professional. 1. CVI Data on file 2020. Luensmann D., et al. Toric lens fitting success supported by an online fitting app. 2. CVI data on file 2019. Multifocal lens fitting success supported by an online fitting app. Retrospective analysis. N=55 subjects (110 eyes); DV Rx +1.25D to -3.25D, add powers +1.25 to +2.50DS.