Proclear® 1 day multifocal

Product specs

For wearers that want to get out there and live life to the full, try our convenient entry level hydrogel one-day lenses.


One-day hydrogel multifocal lens for presbyopic patients.


  • PC Technology.™


  • Centre-near aspheric design with single power profile
  • Natural resistance to dehydration
  • High water content
  • Naturally biocompatible with the eye.


  • Excellent vision at all distances - improves near vision without disturbing distance vision
  • Stays 96% hydrated throughout the day, even after 12 hours of wear
  • Attracts and maintains moisture, reducing dryness
  • May be helpful for patients experiencing symptoms of dry eyes related to lens wear.

Product Details

Material / H20 content
omafilcon A / 60%
Replacement schedule
Oxygen transmissibility
28 Dk/t (at -3.00D)
0.09mm (@ -3.00DS)
Revenue carton size
Base curve
Sphere power
-10.00 to -6.50DS (0.50D steps)
-6.00 to +6.00DS (0.25D steps)
Add power
Single power profile, up to +1.50DS
(Could fit adds up to 2.50)

Plastic neutrality is established by purchasing credits from  Plastic Bank. A credit represents the collection and conversion  of one kilogram of plastic that may reach or be destined for  waterways. CooperVision purchases credits equal to the  weight of plastic in our-one day contact lens orders (effective  from 1st January 2022). One-day contact lens plastic is  determined by the weight of plastic in the blister, the lens and  the secondary package (outer carton), including laminates,  adhesives, and auxiliary inputs (e.g. ink).