Help your new wearers for better patient retention

The first few weeks of wearing new contact lenses are crucial. Not only must the wearer’s eyes adapt to the new lenses, which you have invested time and effort into fitting, but they must also adjust to the new routine of inserting, removing, cleaning and caring for their lenses. 

You often hear patients cite discomfort as the main reason for discontinuing lens wear. Many sources of discomfort can be traced to improper handling and cleaning of lenses or failure to follow the wearing schedule that you recommended.

We’ve therefore listed resources on our website to help patients adjust to their lenses and adopt a healthy, consistent care routine. Direct your patients to Contact Lens Coach where they’ll find clear, simple tips to follow when putting lenses in for the first time, advice on proper cleaning and care,and what they should pay particular attention to in the first few days. The website also has illustrated step-by-step guides and videos. 

This resource is part of our commitment to help you provide your patients with the best possible care.